Facebook for Small Business — Essential Training

Facebook for Small Business—Essential Training

Leverage the world's largest social media site for your small business

Facebook, originally designed for college students, is now open and free for businesses to broadcast their wares to the 2+ billion users of the social network. Yes, that’s billion with a B. Are you successfully leveraging Facebook for your business?

In this essential training course for Facebook for Small Business, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of a Facebook business—the other half of the FB world. While you can do a lot on the personal side, you can supercharge Facebook with a business page, if you take advantage of all it has to offer.

Instructor, Haydn Adams, navigates you through his own business pages and client examples to show you how he utilizes all of the organic (non-paid) options Facebook gives you. You’ll watch training videos which give you step-by-step directions on how to do various activities on the Facebook page side.
If you run a small business and want to further leverage the Facebook Business world, this course is for you.

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24 Videos
8 Texts

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Haydn Adams
Haydn Adams

About the instructor

As faculty in the School of Illustration and Web Design at the Academy of Art University for over 12 years, Haydn brings his wealth of knowledge of education and curriculum design, and brings it to small businesses. During his tenure at the University, he has taught over 15 different classes and written curriculum, syllabi, CLO's (course learning outcomes) and rubrics for nearly a quarter of the aforementioned courses. 

In addition to being in the classroom, Haydn runs two businesses: Nautilus Designs & Training and Beyond Napa Valley. He's the former National President of the Graphic Artists Guild, an author, and has leveraged social media to gain a following and get clients and followers. 

Haydn also lectures to small business, chambers, wine associations and other professional organization on how Facebook for business and other social networks operate and how to leverage them.

haydn@nautilusdesigns.com or find him on LinkedIn.